Thursday, 31 October 2013


It's Halloween today and I decided to create some spOoOoOoky Halloween themed nails. However, this year I felt as though I had to up my game because last year I won and OPI competition for my Halloween nails...

So, this year I decided to ditch Frankenstein and the scary tree and, instead, replaced them with a witch's hat and Scream. I revamped my pumpkin and eyeball but the blood drips remained the same (not much you can do to spice up blood, unfortunately).

To create my Halloween 2013 nails, I started off by painting the base colours:

Next, I painted on the simple shapes:

And, finally, added in the details!

In terms of costumes, I've had quite a few events to plan for... 

First off was my house-warming in London. We had a red carpet themed party and I decided to dress up as Gwen Stefani from No Doubt. And yesterday, at last minute, I fixed together a ghost costume for a Uni Sport's Social (pretty much just snipped a few holes in a mattress cover and I looked like an absolute idiot). Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to a house party and we're dressing up as Spring Breakers - might have to create some nails for that outfit...

Happy Halloweeeeeen.