Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Just over a week ago, I decided to be a London tourist and visit M&M's World just beside Leicester Square. The floors were covered in bright, colourful M&M's merchandise and a green nightie caught my eye... 

Hadn't bought myself any nightwear in aggggges and thought that this looked kinda fun. Plus, I think I can get away with it because it's cute and I'm only going to wear it to bed! 

Not only do I love this nightie, but I also love the candy itself. The peanut kind are my favourite. And sooo the theme for this week's nails is M&M's (inspired by my nightie). 

Red Nail: Mavala Mini Polish in the colour London
Blue Nail: Barry M nail paints in np291
Yellow Nail: OPI "So So Skullicious" collection in Candlelight
Green Nail: Barry M nail paints in np290
Orange Nail: OPI "So So Skullicious" collection in Hi, Pumpkin!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Thought the best inspiration for my first blog post would be the title of it - Golden Claws

The main focus of my blog is my nail designs and the inspirations behind them. Although my nails are currently short, there is nothing I love more than to have long, sharp nails; therefore 'Claws' seemed appropriate. Why Golden? It could be that my hair resembles a similar colour, or the fact that gold has connotations of success and power, or just simply because I like it. You decide.

The inspiration for the name of my blog came from my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Claw shoes which I got for Christmas. I adore them.
For this post, I used Barry M nail paints, in black (np47) and gold (np289), Barry M nail effect crackle in gold and some gold studs. This was just a short introduction to my blog and, in future, I hope to have longer posts explaining more behind the inspirations for my nail designs.