Tuesday, 12 March 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I bought this rose coloured pinafore from Topshop:

I thought it would be a nice item to start the Spring in... however, since buying the dress, it's turned really cold outside and it even snowed here the other day. Just my luck. Nonetheless, my dress inspired me to create some pretty rose nails to try and welcome in the Spring:

Here are the steps I took to create these nails...

Step 1: Paint all nails white.

Step 2: Cut off a section of a sponge (can be a make-up sponge or a cleaning sponge) and paint half with a light lilac polish and overlap it with a white polish.

Step 3: Lightly sponge the colours onto the pointer finger and pinkie finger to create a gradient effect. Using another sponge, follow the same process but replace the lilac polish with a light pink polish and sponge onto the thumb and middle finger.

(Sponge the colours on twice to make it bolder & finish using a clear top coat to blend the colours together)

Step 4: Paint the entire ring finger pink and pour on some nail caviar before it dries.

Step 5: Paint an uneven circle, using pink polish, onto the thumb - this creates the rose. Outline it with a black striper or pen and fill the middle of the rose in with details. Finally, paint two green leaves at the side and outline them.

The colours I used:
- Model's Own white polish
- Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream (NP308)
- Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry Ice Cream (NP309)
- OPI in A Rose From the Dead
- Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green (NP290)

The nail caviar I used was Nail Constellation in Gemini by MUA. I put a clear coat on top of the caviar to make it last longer - unfortunately, after a few days, it started to look a bit tatty so it may have to be updated every couple of days. 


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